Welcome to TEAM VIKING. We specialise in contest preparation and off season conditioning to achieve the changes required for your next competition season. Through both scientific principles and proven hypnotic techniques, we will motivate you into setting new PB’s in the gym and attack every workout with ultimate optimism on your road to VICTORY!

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2016 Comp season – What an AMAZING SUCCESS!!!

Season A internationally has been an amazing success in both Australia and the U.S.

Ellie Uzelac and Teanna Born both brought their best package and showed the world what conditioning Jnrs can bring.

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2015 Comp season – What an AMAZING SUCCESS!!!

Season B had seen some amazing results across INBA and NABBA/WFF QLD titles.

ACE SUTTON has come back with some big improvements from season A shows. Placing 4th in INBA First Timers and 3rd in Novice in April 2015, he blew everyone away with his improvements.

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2014 Competition Season

TEAM VIKING had a great 2014 comp season with a great showing at the NABBA/WFF QLD state titles. All but two were first timers to the stage and ALL did us very proud! Big congratulations to Brent Kiemann for taking out NABBA Opens Men’s Class 3 and Damiano Giammatteo for placing 3rd in NABBA Opens Men’s Class 1.
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My name is Kristian Porthill. I am a Personal Training school owner, Hypnotist and seasoned competitor holding such titles as Mr Universe, Mr World and have been inducted into the Australian Hall of Fame as a Legend. I have been competing for over 10 years now, and I have learned nearly every method to get ready for a show. There are so many ideas and secrets that people use whether they have read it in a magazine, seen it back stage, been told by the old big guy who competed back in the 70’s. What works, what gets you dry, hard, grainy, veiny? The list goes on.

I can tell you which ones are more likely to succeed than others, which ones are safer and which ones can go wrong if not paying close attention.  The list of competitors I have helped is too long to name. I love to work with everyone. From first timers who have no idea about anything, right through to the veterans who are looking for the edge they never seemed to get. Whether you’re a bodybuilder or a bikini model, we will take your physique beyond your perceived limits.

Bodybuilders and athletes can get the edge over their competitors through clearing mind-blocks, the ultimate performance enhancement for the mind.

Changing the mindset and breaking old and ineffective patterns of training and diet can unlock amazing new potential. When starting you’re comp prep 20 weeks out, it’s important to know where you want to be at specific weeks leading up to it. The unconscious mind is so overlooked in setting goals of weight loss and muscle gain, when in actual fact it’s your mind that dictates how far you will progress and how easy it will feel.

“When you pick up a weight, you have already made the choice of whether you will get the reps or not, and it’s your way of thinking that will continue to hamper your success until they are resolved.”

Your subconscious only ever wants the best for you, so why not talk directly to that inner voice that wants you to WIN. We can then destroy patterns of eating or cravings that lead to blowing your strict diet. It is possible and easy to motivate yourself into setting new PB’s in the gym and attack every workout with ultimate optimism.

Through training the mind we can clear motivational blocks, self-confidence issues, ongoing cravings, and kick start successful, consistent and continual progress on the road to victory in the following ways.

Clear blocks: the unconscious mind might have a block through lifelong negativity and emotional pain which can cripple successful body transformation.

Change patterns: Habitual patterns can be broken by re-training the mind.

Increase motivation: the minds like a runaway horse, engaging it and training it means taking total control and harnessing its potential for unlimited positivity.

Focus on the future: by seeing yourself on stage with the first place trophy you can ignite your unconscious mind for greater success.

“Kris hypnotized me during our leg session, I didn’t even realise he was hypnotizing me, he was just talking to me as he usually does, when he stacked 3 plates a side on the bar for squats I thought he was crazy, I lifted it and was so surprised how easy it felt.” Abby Woods – IFBB Figure Ms Australia


TEAM VIKING specialises in contest preparation and motivation for unblocking your true potential for competition. My name is Kristian Porthill and I am the director of TEAM VIKING. Since my first show in 2003 I have competed in many countries and worked with competitors from around the world. My first attempts at competing were mixed and I learned things the hard way to really achieve that tissue paper skin that my conditioning has been known for.

My physique wasn’t the biggest or best for NABBA or IFBB so it wasn’t until they introduced the WFF that I felt I was competitive. My first win was the inaugural year of the Classic division in the IFBB where I took out the Mr Australia. After a few more years of refining my dieting techniques I finally worked out the winning method so the following is the list of contest starting from 2009.


  • 1st WFF Mr International Class 1 and Overall
  • 1st WFF Mr Southern Hemisphere Class 1 and Overall
  • 1st WFF Mr Universe Superbody Under 35 and Overall
  • 1st WFF Mr Australia Class 1 and Overall
  • 1st WFF Mr World Superbody Under 35 and Overall


  • 1st NABBA Mr Victoria Class 1
  • 1st NABBA Mr Australia Class 1

Inaugural WFF Hall of Fame Australian Legend Award


  • 1st NABBA Mr International Class 1
  • 1st NABBA Mr Southern Hemisphere Class 1

“Kristian Porthill never ceases to amaze me with his outstanding condition contest after contest. Backing up world class conditioning within the same year of competition is remarkable. It shows great determination, perseverance and knowledge. Keep up the great work Kris!”

– Nick Jones, NABBA Mr World

Legend Award

Kristian Porthill inducted into the Australian Bodybuilding Hall of Fame by good friend, mentor and fellow Legend Don Mahoney, NABBA World President and Mr Universe Graeme Lancefield and Mr World Nick Jones.



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